Construction Site Security

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Almost all construction site projects are at risk of vandalism, theft or damage at some point during the construction process. Some projects can be victims of repeated targeting from youths, criminal gangs or even scrap merchants. Insurance companies even refuse to insure some sites without having any provision of manned security or out of hour’s security services at the construction site.

Securezone Security Services offer a first class site security guarding service which incorporates regular perimeter patrols, emergency procedures, incident reporting and more

All our security officers are fully licensed, of smart attire and highly experienced. Our security managers and supervisors and construction site security specialists undertake a site specific survey liaising with site management before commencing on each project. Patrol routes, site risks, perimeter boundaries and hot spots are identified and assessed in the risk assessment and a specific security operation is proposed and agreed with the client.


  • Security officer will sign in and report to site management
  • Any special requirements are discussed, for example holding of keys or out of hour’s access by members of staff or deliveries.
  • A walk around patrol is conducted alongside the site manager to determine any changes in materials, perimeter boundary or vehicle positioning.
  • A handover signature is taken from site management to confirm the handover of the site to the security team.


  • Regular site patrols are conducted and specified intervals.
  • The officer will patrol the whole of the site where accessible; checking windows, doors, gates and internal/external boundaries.
  • Construction plant machinery are checked and noted.
  • Any damage, unsecured windows or doors are logged and reported.
  • All fences, doors, gates and windows are inspected.


  • All fences, doors, gates and windows are inspected.
  • Site keys are handed over to the site management.
  • Security Officer will ensure the welfare facilities are left clean and tidy.
  • A final handover signature is taken from site management confirming the site has been handed back over.

Securezone security services delivers services and support which you can trust and rely upon.